Microsoft Is Making Smart Watch?

apple-iwatch-01This year will definitely be a year of expansion of smart watches’ market. After rumors that Apple, Samsung and Google work on smart watches there is another one that Microsoft is also preparing its own model to compete in this very exciting market.

Several sources, coming from Microsoft’s Asian component suppliers, said the company requested the shipment of components that can potentially be used for smart watch production. One of the leaders of the company that supplies Microsoft with components openly told to media that he had met people from Microsoft working on the project to develop and manufacture smart wristwatch prototype revealing that Microsoft’s timepiece would be with 1.5-inch touchscreen.

Smart wristwatch production will actually be the second attempt by Microsoft in the smart watches market. Back in 2004 the company has teamed up with well-known companies, Fossil and Swatch, in manufacturing series of devices based on SPOT  platform (Smart Personal Object Technology), which used FM radio signals to send instant messages from Windows Messenger, news, information from stock and weather.

The smart watches is attracting larger companies because this category is part of a much larger trend of computers that are “worn” (like shoes, clothing or fashion accessory), with the most significant examples related to health and fitness applications, such as Nike and FuelBand Fitbit One.

It’s expected that the market of smart “carry up” electronics will worth up to 10 billion dollars until 2016 .

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