Citizen Nighthawk Instructions

citizen-nighthawk-watch-01The Citizen Nighthawk is luxury analog watch made of stainless-steel case, has quartz movement and retailing between $200 and $300. The watch belongs to Citizen’s EcoDrive models that means it uses sunlight as power source and its battery should never be replaced.

Time Setting

There are two hour hands on the dial; one representing 24-hour time and another for displaying local hour. In order to set the time, pull the crown out to its last position, i.e. the time correction position. When you do this, the second hand will stop and you are free to correct the time. After the correction is finished turn the crown back and the second hand will resume motion.

Date and Local Time Setting

If you want to set the date you need to pull the crown out to its first position, i.e. date correction position. In order to change the dates turn the crown to the left or counter-clockwise and for setting local time turn the crown in opposite direction, i.e. to the right or clockwise. The hour hand will be moving independently of the 24-hour hand, so this is nice feature to set the time in another time zone. For example, if you travel between the West Coast and the East Coast you can set one hour hand to Eastern time and the other to Pacific.

EcoDrive Charging

If there is insufficient power in your Nighthawk, the second hand will jump at two-second intervals in order to notify that it needs charging. In this situation, you need to expose the watch to light. Consider that bright sunlight is best option. The EcoDrive will be recharged with only two minutes after the exposing to sunlight. However, it will take approximately an hour and a half inside an office.

If the second hand is moving with a hitch, it means that the time is slowed in the interim without your noticing. If so, you need to manually reset the time and the second hand will start moving normally.

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