Citizen Nighthawk Features

citizen-nighthawk-watch-03One of the best Citizen’s watch on the market is Citizen Nighthawk, a high-end pilot’s watch with many features. It’s very well built EcoDrive (solar) powered model with a lot of information displaying on the dial.

Solar charging

This watch doesn’t need battery replacement because it’s powered with EcoDrive technology. Namely, solar panels are built into the watch and charge the small accumulator or battery. Citizen Nighthawk has power-saving mode that turns off the hands if there are no light, while continuing to inwardly track time. When the watch is fully powered it can operate up to six months

Water resistance

The Nighthawk has declared water resistance of 200 m. This means that the model is designed to keep water out although it’s not a diver’s watch. Also, water resistance brings a more longevity to the inner workings of the watch. The Nighthawk will definitely survive a heavy downpour, you can be sure.

Flight-rule bezel

This model comes with integrated E6B flight rule bezel which is circular slide-rule device used for variety of calculations. Many owners of the watch will probably never use this feature but it’s the prestige of having a real “pilot’s watch”.

Dual Time displaying

The Citizen Nighthawk displays dual-time. The local time zone is indicated by “normal” hour and minute hands and the secondary by a double-headed hand on the dial’s asymmetrical scale. This scale occupies half the center of the main dial and it has two pointers, one is white and one is red corresponding to the colors on the dial.


The Superluminova is material that allows hands and dial markings to glow in the dark. It can last long and Nighthawk has blue colored Superluminova coating. You will be able to read the dial even up to six hours in the dark. Superluminova is branded substance that is more ecologically friendly and non-radioactive at the same time.

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